Charley Jones / Dataman

It's November 2002,
And been a very odd year or so.
Worked for 3 different consulting firms,
And about 6 different clients.
Clark County has been my biggest supporter so far.

Some good work there for Family Services.
FlexiForms - Mainframe to Desktop Word Mail Merge - C++/VB/SQL
fsMenu - Integrated customize menus for Reflection. - VBA/SQL
FileRequest - Green Screen Integrated Document Request and Tracking - VB/SQL
AWFE - Audit Worksheet Front End - Access/SQL

Completed all the certifications you see on the previous page this year.
Actually, in a bit less than 10 1/2 months.
Been teaching at the 4th R also - MCSE to MCDBA in 80 Hours.
100% Pass Rate so far!

For those of you that don't know me, 
I'm just your average last of the big time hackers.
I love seeing a computer work. And hate it when they're down.

I've got a digital camera to record some of the finer points of life.
I've also got a delete key for removing some of my mistakes.
So, onto the pages...

sonic.jpg (4964 bytes)

It's a few years old, but it's me and my buddy Sonic exchanging some basic hacker information. 

 Some vintage Chucky... This is my DataDog a version 1 Dogz cerca 1995.  He made the Petz website long ago... Petz are still out there, on version 4 now!

That's me a few years ago in New York on the way over to the Statue of Liberty.

The rest of my picture pages are stored on Prime Cable's server. Prime Cable's Homepage

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You can reach me by e-mail at:

This page was created using my brain and notepad.
I believe in hand tooling for that "hacker" look.
(Ok, so I cheat and use Front Page Express every once in a while...)
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