Why Cox Communications Sux:

I've been with Cox Cable for nearly 10 years now.
On September 22, 2004, They killed my connection without notice.
Apparently, my non-DocSIS modem is no longer supported,
Fine, I was tired of paying full price for 1/3rd speed (512kbs vs 1.5mbs),
So, I installed DocSIS and moved to a residential account,
Only to find out that Cox blocks ports 80, 443, an 1433,
Among others.
Incidentally, that's Web Hosting, Secure Web, and Sql,
All blocked to the outside world, for my protection.

Incidentally, Sprint DSL does not block ANY ports.
You'll never guess where I'm moving to now?
I no longer recommend COX,
And after this round of problems,
Will recommend Sprint to all former and future clients.

I'm still a bit miffed about Cox losing all my picture pages,
Which should be here right now,
But my stupidity for not having a backup either.
So, gone forever.

Thanks for listening to me rant.