We are a small team of hobbyists in Las Vegas, Nevada. This is our hobby.  Your purchases help support our hobby and yours too!

We wanted to package our kits differently.  Different parts are heat sealed into different pockets.  We give you extra LEDs and resistors to minimize frustration.  We include batteries. That’s the SMTboards difference.

We are founding members of SYNshop.org, the Las Vegas Hacker space.  Several of our projects were created many years ago to teach soldering and electronics theory.

We we love what we do.  We have a short backlog of ideas.  It can take anywhere from a few hours to a few years to churn out a completed project.

Do you have an idea for something?  We have made custom boards for clients that we have gone on to further develop.

Any questions?

Write us at admin@smtboards.com