GameOfLife Update


GameOfLife is a project we purchased from Adafruit (  We dearly love this project and have had a large array working for many years.  If you’ve never seen this, the boards interlock and communicate.  After building the array it became evident that there was a flaw in the code.  The panels could become locked into repeating patterns.


I modified the code to detect repeating patterns and issue a reset.  Theoretically, only one 1.4 update chip is required per array.  No more locking array.

We sell the chip preprogrammed and assume you already have an array.  Simply pop out a 1.3 chip and replace with our 1.4

GameOfLife 1.4 Upgrade 5$ea:

GameOfLife 1.4 Upgrade designed by Charley Jones, PMP
aka Dataman
For SMTBoards.Com

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