Clark County - Vb

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This is the online portion of my Vb course being taught at:
Clark County DA's Office - Family Support Division
Las Vegas, Nevada

Here you'll be able to find all course materials presented.
If you miss a class, come back here and check for class notes and reviews.

You can contact me at:
Me@CRJones.Com (Preferred)
Or Cellular: (702) 580-0572
Please understand I am a working consultant
And will get back to you as soon as possible.

Class 1: VB, Objects, Forms, Buttons, and Textboxes.
John's Solutions
Bob's Solutions

Class 2: Labels, List Boxes, ComboBoxes, CheckBoxes, RadioButtons
Snippet-VB6-2-1 Snippet-VB6-2-2
Solution-VB6-2-1 Solution-VB6-2-2

Class 3: Scrollers, Timers, Modal/Modeless Forms
Starter-VB6-3-1 Starter-VB6-3-2
Snippet-VB6-3-1 Snippet-VB6-3-2
Solution-VB6-3-1 Solution-VB6-3-2

Class 4: Lines, Shapes, Pictures, Images / Drive, Directory, File Listboxes
Starter-VB6-4-1 Starter-VB6-4-2
Snippet-VB6-4-1 Snippet-VB6-4-2
Solution-VB6-4-1 Solution-VB6-4-2

Class 5: Data Access
Starter-VB6-5-1 Starter-VB6-5-2  Starter-VB6-5-3
Snippet-VB6-5-1 Snippet-VB6-5-2 Snippet-VB6-5-3
Solution-VB6-5-1 Solution-VB6-5-2 Solution-VB6-5-3

Class 6: Advance Data Access / Class Modules
Sql Demonstration  Class Demonstration
Starter-VB6-6-1 Starter-VB6-6-2
Solution-VB6-6-1 Solution-VB6-6-2

Class 7: Reports & Add-on Components
Demo-VB6-7-A: VB Report
Demo-VB6-7-B: Web Browser
Demo-VB6-7-C: Common Dialog Tester
Solution-VB6-7-1 Solution-VB6-7-2

Class 8: Automating Office/Error Handling
Demo-VB6-8-A: Automating Word
Demo-VB6-8-B: Word Macro Import
Demo-VB6-8-C: Word with Error Handling
Demo-VB6-8-D: Excel with Error Handling

Snippets are in Text format, just click to open.
Starters and Solutions are ZIPPED.
Windows ME/XP has built in Zip support.
But for 2000, NT, 98, or 95 go to www.Winzip.Com

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