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That's Me!
April 15th, 2004

The MeHat Picture is still available here.

And it's my website
So you have to put up with a few pics of the kids.
My best buddy, about 4 years old.
My baby girl, about 2 months old.
Wish they got along better... ;-)


And these pics are courtesy my new V400.
Say what you like about Motorolla,
But 5mb is nothing to sneeze at!

2006: Achoo!  Yes it is!
As Scarface said, "Say hello to my little friend"
My new Motorola MPx220 Windows Smartphone.
1 Gig of Memory and a dual core, 200mhz processor!

My Certifications...

Comptia certifies that I know how to build/reapair pc hardware and load/fix Windows on it.

Microsoft certifies that I know how to design and develop solutions in Microsoft Access 2000.

I'm a registered Microsoft Professional.

Microsoft certifies that I know how to implement and maintain security and configuartion of a Windows 2000 Network.

Microsoft certifies that I know how to design, implement, and maintain a Windows 2000 Network.

Microsoft certifies that I know how to design, develop, and maintain Sql Server 2000 servers and solutions.

Microsoft certifies that I know how to develop and maintain Dot Net based solutions.

Microsoft authorizes me to provide training on Microsoft Official Curriculum.

The Project Management Institute (PMI.Org) certifies that I know how to manage projects.

Organizations I've consulted to...

Manpower Professional, Las Vegas

The Fourth-R, Las Vegas
Teaching Sql Server 2000 to MCSE's

Clark County DA's office

Nevada Title Company

Maxim Group


Tek Systems

Purchase Pro


Some of the Courses and Presentations
I've written...
Introduction to Visual Basic, ASP, and COM technologies...
Introduction to Visual Basic 6.0...
Introduction to Structured Query Language (SQL)...

Some of the Betas I've been part of...

Windows 95 Preview
Windows .Net Preview
Windows XP-SBS Server Beta
SQL Server 2000 SP3 Beta

Earth And Beyond

The Sims Online

You Don't Know Jack about Movies
You Don't Know Jack: Offline

Coactive Connector MAC-PC

Berkley Systems
IM Games
Trivia Challenge Online
Picture This Online

America Online: Windows Tester
WinCim Beta
: Mirror III

Looking for a beta for your product?
I'm a designer, coder, and tester -- and would love to take a look!
Email me at:

Play Tester for The Sims Online
Thanks Electronic Arts!


My Recipes
It's a different type of programming.
The edible kind...

Some of my favorite recipes.